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Wolters Kluwer offers CCH® SureTax® Communications, the most advanced tax calculation and reporting solution available today for the communications industry.  We assist carriers and their reseller channel in conquering the complexities of tax and regulatory compliance by providing software solutions that automate the process of knowing exactly what taxes, fees and surcharges need to be collected and remitted at all levels of government for the rapidly evolving landscape of communications products. Calculate, invoice and report Sales Tax, Use Tax, Communications Tax, Franchise Fees, ROW Fees, FUSF contributions, 911, and all other impositions, for every jurisdiction in the US, Canada, and now VAT coverage for over 230 countries - all through ONE CCH SureTax Communications application.

The CCH SureTax Communications solution easily integrates via API into any billing, ERP, or eCommerce package to provide, in real-time, invoice ready tax and fee descriptions and amounts and save all transaction data for instant availability through your private web portal for reporting or audit defense.

CCH SureTax Communications is driven by the most complete and granular data from the largest and most respected  research team in the industry, Wolters Kluwer.

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