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How to Make Millions Selling Large Multi-Location Accounts

BullsEye is the industry expert at helping partners like you close large multi-location opportunities. Hand over the hassle to us, so you and your client will never get stuck dealing with multiple providers again.

Through our proven success system and our ability to provide all the latest voice, data, security and cloud solutions, we’ll help you future-proof your clients’ communications requirements and your commissions. We’ll show you how to close large account and make millions.

Proven 4-Step Success System to Generate 10X Revenue

BullsEye uses a proven method to manage and simplify the telecom process so you can close more business. Over our 17 years of developing custom boutique solutions for multi-location businesses, we’ve developed a full-proof four-step process to deliver advanced technology, strategic processes, and comprehensive support to meet your clients’ unique needs.

We do more than provide the necessary connections, hardware and software to your clients. We make telecom management easier by consolidating invoices and points of contact from installation to ongoing support, containing costs, optimizing performance and continually evolving your clients’ communications systems.

From POTS aggregation and data circuits to a roadmap to IP, we’ll help you grow your business and help your clients evolve to meet their changing communications in a safe and controlled environment.

We Do More than Just Quote a Price We Help You Win the Deal

Partners often think they know the opportunity until we ask them questions. Closing a multi-location opportunity is more complex than providing a quote and presenting the lowest price. We have the experience closing large multi-location opportunities and knowledge to show you what really works.

When you choose BullsEye:

  • You get an assigned support team

  • We’ll travel with you to appointments nationwide

  • You’ll the support of our leadership to provide you with executive sponsorship through the course of the negotiation

  • Your clients will receive the attention of a dedicated pre-sale and post-sale implementation team

  • Co-branding and ongoing marketing support – A partnership to develop to pursue more opportunities via direct mail, email marketing, webinars, road shows and other special events

We Let Our Awards Do the Talking

With a solid reputation as a multi-location expert and a channel favorite, we continue to build on our success and pleased to share our most recent accomplishments that make it clear why we’re the obvious choice.

  • 2011 Communications Solutions Product of the Year: Merchant Bundle Solution

  • 2012 Communications Solutions Product of the Year: Managed Services Platform

  • 2012 Corp! DiSciTech Award: Science and Technology Category

  • 2012 Telecom Association Partners Choice Top 10: Data – Reseller

  • 2012 Telecom Association Partners Choice Top 5: CLEC National, POTS Consolidation, SIP Trunks – Domestic, Telecom Expense Management

  • 2013 Internet Telephony Excellence Award: Hosted PBX Recognized as top IP technology

  • 2014 Internet Telephony Excellence Award: Managed Services Platform

  • 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year: BullsEye Synergy

  • 2015 Project Optimal Business RFP Challenge – Channel Partners

  • 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year: BullsEye UC (Unified Communications)

  • 2016 Circle of Excellence Winner – Tim Basa, EVP of Sales & Marketing, BullsEye

  • 2016 Channel Deployment of the Year – ChannelVision Visionary Spotlight Award

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