NETXUSA, establishing VoIP distribution standards and practices.

Since 1984, NETXUSA has provided reliable sourcing, stocking and industry leading professional services to more than 5,000 independent telecommunications service providers and resellers.

If true value added service is what you are looking for in a distribution partner, NETXUSA is the distributor of choice. Our universal provisioning system, ChannelWare®, simplifies and enhances every aspect of your business to reduce the costs associated with staging, installation, configuration, branding and maintaining equipment. The ChannelWare back office also provides order management tools, a support portal, online RMA, online credit card processing, and user management to give you the competitive advantage needed to succeed.

In addition to basic value added services, NETXUSA can also customize a solution to fit your company's needs. Our team of software developers can work with you to develop API integrations, custom landing pages or entire branded web sites for your channel partners and many other consulting services to make sure you have the exact infrastructure required to go to market your way.

If fast delivery is important, NETXUSA has that covered too. Two distribution and sales facilities allow us to get you the product when you need it. New to the industry or just need technical advice on a complex install or configuration issue? Call a NETXUSA engineer, it’s FREE. Our certified engineers are guaranteed to have the answers you need to begin or complete the install and protect your most important asset, YOUR CUSTOMER.

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