Partnerships are essential to business. At Rackspace, we understand the value of our partners and strive to understand and support their unique business needs. The Rackspace Partner Network is designed to provide varying types of partners with access to expertise and support across the world’s leading public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. We aspire to provide the support flexibly and in alignment with your unique needs, so that you can better serve your customers, build loyalty and create new revenue opportunities. The Rackspace Partner Network can help you monetize managed cloud opportunities and increase profitability through our:

  • Unrivaled expertise that can help you build trust with your customers and complement your cloud-based practice across public, private and hybrid solutions
  • Fanatical Support® – Delivering world-class support for infrastructure technologies, databases, and applications
  • Extensive best-of-breed solutions and platform choices, including AWS®, Microsoft®, OpenStack®, and VMware® to best serve your customers' unique needs
  • Flexible, simple and competitive partner programs aligned to your business model

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